What is Bad Stitches?

Welcome to Bad Stitches, where artistry and resilience intertwine in the world of handmade crochet design. Founded by young German designer Antonia Sprenger, Bad Stitches was born from adversity, with the belief that out of hardship, beauty can emerge. Our motto, "turning the worst into the best," fuels our commitment to crafting enduring fashion for the bold and unconventional – the "bad" people who proudly wear their uniqueness as a badge of honor. Stay baddie with Bad Stitches, where every stitch tells a story of transformation. 


Slow fashion is the future. It's better for people and the planet, a wave of sustainability we all need to support.

It means better conditions for everyone and a shift towards valuing clothing as art. When we embrace slow fashion, we appreciate our clothes more and wear them longer, reducing waste.

Sustainability is the key – it's our responsibility to make fashion kinder to all. Join the movement.


Bad Stitches where the timeless craft of crochet and knitting is celebrated as a generational legacy that never fades.

In a world often fraught with troubles, crochet and knitting offer a tranquil escape. Here, amidst the chaos, you can find solace and inner peace, as these crafts become a form of meditation. Use the meditation as a passion. 


Welcome to a world where uniqueness reigns supreme. Here, every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, ensuring that you possess something truly special and unparalleled. Each creation boasts its distinct, special feature, making you the sole possessor of a treasure unlike any other in the world. Embrace the extraordinary and celebrate the allure of the unique.


Every piece is crafted from 100% cotton, a material as delicate as it is luxurious.

To ensure your cherished item remains fresh and clean, we recommend a gentle cleansing ritual. Immerse it in warm water and soap for 15-20 minutes, tenderly restoring its beauty. Afterwards, you should let it air dry. Elevate your cotton experience with care and love.